Hey Adult Beginner, sew anything lately?

Yes I have, super thanks for asking!
This, for a friend:

Baby quilts are very satisfying to me in that they involve playing with color la la la, not the minutia of fit.
The Adult Beginner has made approximately one million baby quilts.
I used to wait until the baby was born and the name announced, so I could put the baby’s initials on the quilt, but the thing is, once my friends started having babies they started having a lot of ‘em and there was just not enough fabric in the world so I started putting the family’s last name on the quilt so it could be good for this and all future babies in a one-quilt-per-family lazy-quilter kinda way, but then after having my own baby and making my own quilt and taking them both to various places together I learned that I don’t actually like having my last name broadcast to the world via baby blanket, which is probably just my own paranoid problem and not something normal people worry about, but anyway now instead of the last name I do a big initial.
You can see here on the backside we have an L for Lucky Bastards Who Are Receiving This Quilt.

Another satisfying thing about making baby quilts is that people who don’t sew, which is most people, see a handmade baby quilt as this super enormous investment of time and energy and they are totes impressed. They have no idea that quilting is a relaxing mindless thing I do while watching stupid tv. Let’s don’t tell them, right?
Yesterday I was finishing this one up Lazy Sunday Afternoon style while the baby was napping and Mr. Adult Beginner was out putting net over the tomato cage because damned birds have been eating all our damned tomatoes, and he popped in and was like, “Whatcha watching?” And I was like, “Oh! Some movie called Sophie and Sheba! This aspiring ballerina has to give up her dreams because her family sells her elephant to a circus in order to save their zoo, so she goes after the elephant and joins the cir-” And that was when Mr. Adult Beginner walked back out the door shouting, “Nope. No. Uh uh, too much, just stop it right there.”

For my fabric people:
On the front there, the large white rectangle with blue and pink watercolor effect is a vintage linen sheet that the dye/paint girl was using as a drop cloth under her dye samples this one time. I was like Ooooooooh! and she was like Its Yours.
The row of little rectangles making a white to brown to black ombré are all swatches from fabric catalogs. Wool, ripstop nylon, cotton, whatever. When my baby was really little and I wasn’t having much time for creative stuff, I took apart a bunch of these swatch catalogs and made them into little rainbow stacks. Very satisfying.
Below the swatch rainbow is a champagne silk crepe satin left over from a wedding dress I made for a friend. Went under this really interesting geometric-not-floral lace. She looked super hot.
The dark brown line between the binding and the body of the quilt is that doubt fold cotton binding stuff. I have a lot of it and don’t use it much in clothes, but ironed into a single fold it makes a great flange. I am pleased to have found a use for it.
The back is blue with tiny white stars, cotton, my husband bought that one as part of The Great Star-Printed Cotton Buying Project Of ’09.
The L is more of that double fold cotton bias.
For batting I used red polar fleece. Because I had some. It’s fluffy just like regular cotton batting, plus dries faster.
Speaking of drying, Pro-Tip here: baby quilts must be machine wash and dry-able. Because babies, man.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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3 Responses to Hey Adult Beginner, sew anything lately?

  1. Physio Fit says:

    Hi AB, youre quilts are lovely.i’m sure they are well appreciated by your friends. I love circles too but away seem to end up doing straight lines. I have been making baby quilts but do more traditional patchwork and less focus on the quilting pattern. Would love to share a coulpe of photos of them with you but this comment box doesn’t seem to allow.

    • Put a link to your pinterest or something. All quilters are on pinterest, aren’t they? I’ve heard there are two major factions in the quilting community: those who love the piecing, and those who are all about the quilting. I’m Team Hand Quilting, but I figure we can all get along.
      The circles are a bowl and a cup I traced around with chalk, and then because I have to anthropomorphisize everything I worried about some of the circles being alone, so added an arc linking each circle to at least one other because quilting crazy.

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