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When Bel Air equals Ballet

Writing about this fitting reminded me about this other fitting I did, over a year ago, back before I had my secret powerz. So, the fitting was in Bel Air, and the deal was I would drive over there, fit … Continue reading

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Grande plié in second-

-Is the only way I can pick things up off the floor nowadays. Not even kidding. Sometimes I think very seriously serious about whether or not I can just leave stuff on the floor forever.

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It’s “eh-foss-SAY”, you morans

Hearing the word “efface” a lot lately, As in, “the cervix will efface in preparation for labor”, And each time I hear it I catch myself right before yelling out, “No, dummies, it’s effacé! You say it eh-foss-SAY, ya morans!” … Continue reading

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Secret Powerz

Warning: this post has nothing to do with ballet So, work has slowed down a lot, which is great as the Adult Beginner has slowed down a lot too. I’m basically on-call these days, And mostly the shop isn’t calling. … Continue reading

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Kaitlyn Jenkins in the house! Or: Interview with a Bunhead

Check it out, Gentle Reader! The interview! It happened! Wooooooooooooooootimesamillion!!!!!!! Ok, serious voice now: Gentle Reader, I am very (very super-very) pleased to share with you my interview with Kaitlyn Jenkins, who stars as Boo on ABC Family’s Bunheads. Why … Continue reading

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Some pretty threads

A friend invited me over to rummage through the sewing supplies she’d inherited from a great aunt. Just wanted to share these Gütermann threads in ballet pinks, set on a little paper roll instead of the plastic spools they come … Continue reading

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The mother of all selfish purchases

Ok- Been trying to figure out how to make this post relate to ballet, and there just is no way, so fuck it, I’m just gonna tell it. Lawd help me Gentle Reader, I went to Babies R Us. I’d … Continue reading

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Just a little after dim sum shopping

edit: I’m not endorsing any of these products, just enjoying their packaging. Remember, Gentle Reader, it is up to you to read labels and be informed before you put stuff in your mouth or on your face, aaaaight?

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Mr. Adult Beginner got me something shiny: It’s a cover stitch, you guys. Know what you can do with a cover stitch? Stretchy things! Know what’s stretchy? Everything You Wear To Ballet Class. so excited omg

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Petipa vs Pepita

One is full of protein, zinc, and iron, The other is considered the most influential choreographer in the world ever. Don’t get it twisted. (portrait as seen in Bronislava Nijinska, Early Memoirs translated and edited by Irina Nijinska and Jean … Continue reading

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