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Men In (purple) Tights

Really, Pointe Magazine? Dudes in ballet don’t have a hard enough time already? You gotta run a feature interview with head-toe-purple?

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Today’s agro knuckle tattoos inspired by Gelsey Kirkland’s Dancing On My Grave

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Don’t think, just do math

We’re doing this pas couru exercise the other day- Which always makes me think of Rod Carew, even though I’m not a baseball fan. I mean, I like eating peanuts and watching when the bats come out at twilight to … Continue reading

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Insides and Outsides and stuff

Ok so one evening, a long long time ago, when I was like ten or whatever, I was in the car with my dad. He was driving me to the psychiatrist. This was something he and my stepmom had just … Continue reading

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Let’s Go to the Moon…with Maria Tallchief

I have this great book: Let’s Go to the Moon by Michael Chester, illustrations by Albert Micale, published 1965 “in the Dominion of Canada by Longmans Canada Limited, Toronto” Did you know that Canada was a dominion? Anyway, Books that … Continue reading

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Too soon?

Some new music in class today, (still not The ipod tho) What Smirnoff really wants, he sez, is some new waltz, some new Strauss. But Strauss is in Vienna, de-composing. And we all groan, And he laughs and sez, “oh, … Continue reading

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The unbearable lightness

Had a minute before class and watched a bunch of ballet clips on YouTube and then went to class and did this combination in center with a bunch of jumps and, like, working on pas faille with the swooping and … Continue reading

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But does my ballet teacher like my new shoes?

No he does not! When I swagger over before class to say hello and give him my money so he can look me over and enter me into his Giant Class Ledger, he is all, “Good, My Dear, you have … Continue reading

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Standing in the Dance Blog Spotlight with 4dancers

Hey lookit, I’m interviewed over at 4dancers! You can see it for yourself right here Woo!

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Sew elastics by machine: it’s faster

Sometimes it’s fun to settle in with a needle and thread and spend some time lovingly sewing elastics to ballet slippers. And other times it’s nice to just sew the elastics by machine and get the damned things done already. … Continue reading

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