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No really, they got like this on their own

Silly sneakers. You can’t do fifth. You are not ballet shoes.

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Ernest Belcher: not just a funny name

Ok so you know how the Adult Beginner did this post not too long ago about the Pavlova book? Including this picture? And maybe you remember how the Adult Beginner was totally immature and giggling about this dude’s name? Well, … Continue reading

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Moar Books!

Moar Books All The Times!!!!! Moar!!!!!!! Booooks!!!!!! Moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, at the left hand there, in black with the pink circle, is The Ballet-Student’s Primer, by Kay Ambrose, published 1973 by Knopf, first printed in 1953. This one is subtitled, “A … Continue reading

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Alone, with leg warmers, on a vast, lunar tundra

Spooky picture huh? These are the leg warmers I made the other day out of a sweater. Omg they are so warm and awesome.

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Ok but am I gonna *look* like a ballerina?

So, how’s this for crazy: Two people named Victoria commented/asked a question the other day. Two! Two Victorias! In one day! Two Victorias! And even crazier, the Two Victorias had similar things to say. Victorias In Tandem! Co-Victoria Questioning! Great … Continue reading

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Legwarmers: a Down&Dirty How To

Ok so I have this sweater. Maybe you have one like it? My Grandma gave it to me when I was like, a freshman or sophomore in high-school, it was one of those Christmases where she gave everyone a variation … Continue reading

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You can look, but you can’t touch

Had an audience in class today! A somewhat under-dressed audience. I mean dang, girls, get yourselves together And stop giving me that judge-y look! (Don’t know what she thinks she’s got to look so smug about)

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Tutus don’t grow on trees

Ok, so, you know how the Adult Beginner went to school for costumes, right? Well, right beside the costume shop where I had the huge majority of my classes plus twenty hours each week where we built the costumes for … Continue reading

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Purple tights, argyle, and reebok

Realizing that I need to really get real with my footwear. Not my dance slippers but the everyday, stand-at-a-table-all-day-long footwear. Which is kind of a bummer because I so wish I could be a chic-little-ballet-flats-to-work kinda girl. But needing to … Continue reading

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My new bff: the Tennis Ball

Ok so I’ve been toting these tennis balls around in my dance bag for like evar, after reading somewhere that Real Ballerinas tote tennis balls around in their bags, And every now and then after class I might pull one … Continue reading

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