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Let’s trade!

Ok so way back when I bought my ballet slippers, which you can read about here if you wanna, I asked the sales lady if the slippers have a left and a right? And she was like, No, ya big … Continue reading

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Dudes, it almost Halloween.

Got your Black Swan costume ready?

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Should’ve made that a Double latté.

So, Monday morning, roll up in to work, boss asks, “do anything fun this weekend?” And I’m like, “yeah! Totally went to see the Scottish Ballet!” Boss says, “Neat, what’d they dance?” I’m all, “um, it was two contemporary pieces?” … Continue reading

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hard out here for a pimp

Also, for The Adult Beginner’s shoes

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Battu You

We’ve been doing this new barre combo lately that sneaks some battu in with tendu battements. They seriously do sneak up. And they’re fast. I’m always like, “whut? Aw crap battus!” and then they’re like over before I caught up. … Continue reading

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Smirnoff explains FaceTime

So, we’re at the barre, and lé Assistant goes and shuts the door because there’s this lady out in the lobby who is having The Loudest conversation on her cell phone. Lé assistant is like, (closes door) “Did any of … Continue reading

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Comfortable in My Own skin…

… is a phrase that I can’t stand!!!! I mean, of course I’m comfortable in my own skin! Duh, it’s my skin! Who else’s skin would I be comfortable in? What, I’m some kinda ghoul that creeps around trying other … Continue reading

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Blue Ballerina, circa 1985

The Box came! And in the box was this sketchbook. From 1985. I know because it’s graded, first semester: A+ Superb! Second semester: B+ Turned In Late. I was eight. Guess I was Real Busy. Anyway, wanted to share this … Continue reading

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So I’m at work, right? Half-listening while two of my co-workers chat about actresses. And their measurements. And the difference between actresses’ waist and hip measurements. Ok but before you judge- this is not just some gossipy stitch&bitch, this is … Continue reading

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Hate being right

Oh Lordy you guys. Ok, so it’s after class, I’m putting my sneakers on, and Best Girl sez, “hey, how’s the ankle?” and I’m like, “it’s good! Not feeling it in class anymore, not even in the escappés, seems like … Continue reading

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