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Tried a new spot; got Busted.

Tried a new spot at the barre. See, usually I’m on that barre that’s along the back wall, opposite the mirror, where I only see myself in profile. (and by usually I mean always) But today! Today I dragged out … Continue reading

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Ok, so The Adult Beginner was a freshman in college way way back in nineteen hundred and ninety-five. And because it was the mid-90’s, I was a raver. Now, before you go thinking, “Dang, the Adult Beginner is even cooler … Continue reading

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I win

Went running yesterday. Part of ankle recovery plan. Funny that treatment for sprain seems to be exactly this: Immobilize and Baby It For An Indeterminate Time Period! Then Immmediately Stop Doing That And Use The Hell Out Of It Or … Continue reading

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The cold, hard, mauve and yellow truth.

Ok so we all know how a ballet studio is supposed to look right? White walls, Floor-to-ceiling windows, arched, Functioning piano in one corner, Like this one or this one, Right? Well, Gentle Reader, here is some Cold, Hard, Mauve-And-Yellow … Continue reading

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Ankle in Progress

Ok so last week, late-ish one evening, right? I’m walking across the front yard, bottle of wine in hand, headed over to a friends house for dessert… And I step right in that hole in the front yard where the … Continue reading

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Ten Questions from All Around Dance

Gentle Reader, you know how sometimes you receive a series of interview questions, and you say to yourself, “Self, you could answer these questions very earnestly…or you could totally have fun with them?” And then you reply, “yes, Self! That … Continue reading

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Audience, Behave Yourselves!

As you may know, the Adult Beginner has recently seen two whole ballets, this one and this one, and therefor is accepting the self-appointed title of Extremely Important Expert Ballet Watching Expert, Esquire, Emeritus, Etc! And have I got some … Continue reading

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Sir, that’s a negatory. We have a no-go on tours, repeat, that’s a no-go

Told my ballet teacher no. Ok I’d like to be able to say it was a loud and firm You’re-not-the-boss-of-me style no. But no. It was more of the timid no-if-that’s-ok?-with-you sort. Ok, see, we’re in class, and he’s really … Continue reading

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Advice on being the New Girl

Got this question from a reader named Anna the other day, and as it is all about courage and secret tricks and correctness, I thought to myself, ‘Self, who do I know that is brave, tricky, smart’? And then I … Continue reading

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