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Hot Pink

Just because it’s pretty, that’s why

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Q&A Adult Beginner style

Among the Search Engine Terms recently used to find this blog was the phrase: adult beginning ballet will I look silly? Answer: yes. Will anyone care? No.

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Stupid flowers.

Oh. Yeah, har har har. Very funny, orchids. Laugh it up. Good thing for you I’m stuck here. On the floor. Mid split. Attempt. Propped up with many pillows. When I get up I’m gonna march right over there and … Continue reading

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Dirty Dancing

We never do demi-plié at the barre in Smirnoff’s class. No Sir/Ma’am. I like to think it’s because Smirnoff ain’t got no kinda time for no half-way plié. Class starts with an, “All right, let’s get to work now, it … Continue reading

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Roller-coaster of a week, you guys. Had my usual two adult open level ballet classes, with Smirnoff. But class #1 I was all like: Moan! Poor me! Tiny-est violin! Hand on forehead! Alas! Then Class #2 I was all like: … Continue reading

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A post involving pointe and stupid Titanic

Read a book a while back. Actually, almost exactly a year ago: A memoir by Bronislava Nijinska about her brother, Vaslov Nijinski. And I remember getting to this one part where she described how Nijinski could rise up on his … Continue reading

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A tendu correction

Another small ballet class. Just two of us, plus teacher. Which means increased scrutiny, which means really specific corrections. Which is great. For example, we do a barre exercise that is: tenduuuu pasjetépasjetépasjeté! The pas jetés are quick little kicks! … Continue reading

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How to shrug

Lot of people coming to Adult Beginner by googling the words, ‘Black Swan Shrug’. People. Lemme help you out. Step 1. Cut a hole in the box Hahahahaha! Ahem. Step 1. Wear a long sleeve shirt. Step 2. Grab the … Continue reading

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Degas was a bad dinner guest

Went to the Morgan Library in NYC a while back. To see an exhibit of Maurice Sendak’s working sketches for Where The Wild Things Are. After staring at that totally awesome exhibit for, like, ever, I wandered off into a … Continue reading

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Just another tutu photo

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